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Personalised Funny Novelty Mugs Gifts - Perfect Unique Gift Idea!

Everyone should have a special novelty mug, they're ‘go-to’ mug. The mug they look for and grab before any other mug. A mug that makes them smile whenever they fill it up with their favourite hot drink. A cup that reminds them that they’re the World’s Best Mum, Greatest Grandad Ever or even to celebrate an anniversary, special birthday or any occasion.

With our designs for personalised funny novelty mugs, you can give somebody the perfect, a cost-effective gift that will make them smile for years to come.

Novelty mugs can last for decades when they are properly looked after, so when you take this into account, you can have peace of mind that you’ll be giving your loved one a pretty fantastic gift.

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Novelty Mugs
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Funny Novelty Mugs
Personalised novelty mug
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Do you know what makes for a really great gift?

Funny Mugs.

No, don’t close this, we’re not kidding -- we figure that the reason why people throw away or don’t use mugs they get as gifts for Christmas or their birthdays is because they probably don’t get the right humorous mugs.

A lot of people often give others a random mug they get from the department store, without even putting an ounce of thought into the mug they’re getting. And people can tell when they get a thoughtless gift.

No, if you want people to appreciate your gift mugs, you need to go all out and give them custom mugs

Unique Photos and Personalised Mugs

“What can I put on a custom mug?” you ask. The answer is simple: everything and anything you want. We’re not kidding. You name it, you can have it on a customised mug.

Do you want a family photo on that bad boy? Done.

You want your favourite character plastered on it? For sure.

Do you want a funny quote or an inspiring slogan that you can read as you chug down your morning coffee in the office? Say no more.

These handmade mugs can be ordered with any design you want, and you can also find many designs here.

Whatever you want, you can stick on a customised mug. It’s your custom mug, you’re paying for it, so you can have anything you like on it. It could be a personalised photo mug, or you can just have text printed on it.

Make your mug yours, and make it unique. And if you’re having it made for someone else, you can be sure that they’ll appreciate the thought you put into the custom gift you got for them.

It’s Not Just Customised Mugs, There Are Also Personalised Tea Cups Too

That’s right -- other than handcrafted coffee mugs, we can also do up customised teacups if you’re more of a tea person. There’s really no limit to the kind of personalised products and gifts you can get.


No matter what the occasion is, whether it’s Christmas or someone’s birthday, or a gift for your mum or dad, or you just feel like giving yourself or your friends some gifts, you can’t go wrong with a customised mug for you or for them.

People always like it when the gift is handcrafted and personalised because it shows that you thought about them enough to figure out what they like -- or at least, what would get a rise out of them.

A mug or a teacup with their family or personal photo or their favourite quote slapped on it is sure to put a smile on their face. Check out our wide selection of mug designs, or submit your own and get it printed! Get yours today!

Okay, we hear you: so you don’t want a personalised mug. Maybe you’ve got too many mugs in your kitchen already. Can we interest you in a set of customised teacups?