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Personalised Teddy Bears / Animals - Excellent Soft Toys For Newborn Baby Gift

Soft Cuddly cute teddy's That Makes The Perfect Keepsake Gift For Girls Or Boys

Do you want to please your child for there birthday, Christmas, or a special occasion? The soft toys, christening gift, and personalised teddies readily made available at our Custom-Funky store which will have the perfect gift for your newborn babies, toddler or child. Create a cute plush teddy bear with a picture and your kid’s name embroidered on it; your kids will adopt their Customised bear made just for them!

All sweet and all cute, these unique items are real original gifts and make lovely keepsakes to offer to your children. Created with love, a personalised teddy bear or doll with a soft message embroidered on his heart will become their best friend! This will surely melt their hearts!

Your little bundle of joy will be proud to show their friends their unique plush embroidered with their personalisation eg name! Less chance to lose it or exchange it for another one.


Welcome to a world of softness and tenderness in the company of the most beautiful soft toys! Timeless and essential in the nursery, they play a vital role in the evolution of toddlers.

If the stuffed is the best gift to offer to a child, it is for good reasons. Indeed, it lends itself to everything: when one wonders what custom gift to provide, the soft toy offers an infinite number of possibilities! It adapts to the child's tastes, regarding shape and colour. It is the insurance to delight the little one and to attract the gratitude of the parents. The undeniable soft toy at The Button Owl remains the undisputed ally of the little ones. Whether in the form of plush or flat fabric. Its texture and quality are elements to take into account because it can withstand the pangs of time efficiently.

A memorable gift for a memorable day- Christening gifts

 Do you have a special occasion that needs a gift which can be treasured forever? Or how about an original baptism gift for your baby. Surf through the extensive collection of christening gifts and adore little's one particular day with a bespoken keepsake of no exception. Also, we offer a large selection of unisex christening gifts for babies. Make the baptism of the baby an even more special day with an original, thoughtful gift that will make both the parents and the baby happy. These gifts are not limited to; keepsake boxes, bunny plush, breakfast set and photo frame which features their name and a message that can commemorate their Christening!

Bespoke teddies

Baby needs to feel flattered and reassured. And when they are not in your arms, teddies take over. With individualised teddies, there is full of hugs and tenderness soft and comforting. The lint -haired is ideal for young children. Lightweight and tailored to the size of toddlers. With them, toddlers imagine their first stories and replay the scenes of everyday life. So at Custom-Funky, you are sure to find everything you need to make children happy by stimulating their senses and awakening their curiosity!

Personalised Teddy Bears

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