Are you looking to buy a teddy bear? Well, teddy bears can be regarded as one of the most loved and popular toys. Teddy bears are available in a number of varieties and colours. There are some rarest teddy bears that cost thousands of dollar. Surprised? Yes, it’s true! Before you get one teddy bear for your little bundle of joy, you need to know about the different types of teddy bears. Let’s explore.

Earlier, it was only the designs of Mitchom and Steiff on which the teddy bears were made, but over years, various other popular teddy bears have been introduced. Here are described some of the most popular types of teddy bears –

  • Merrythought Teddy Bears

It is since the late 1930s that bears were in use. These teddy bears used to have joined claws and round ears. In this modern age, this teddy bear is still produced in Shropshire. In England, the one and only remaining manufacturer of the teddy are Merrythought.

  • Schuco Teddy Bears

In the 1920s and 1930s, novelty bears used to do tricks and play music. A German manufacturer, Schuco, used to make bears that could walk, dance and play with a ball. Some Schuco bears that became popular at that time include Baby Bear, Janus Bear and the Yes/No Bear.

  • Chad valley bears

It is the First World War that this teddy bear came to the market. In their earliest of designs, gold mohair was used to make them. They used to have limbs that were cuddly and it was silk fibers that were used to stuff them. These bears had large eyes and nose.

  • Boyds Bears

Since the year 1980, these bears were in production. In order to make sure that these teddy bears were authentic, they used to have a paw print or footprint.

  • Cherished Teddies

Designed by Priscilla Hillman, cherished teddies are actually figurines. There was a collectors’ club named Cherished Teddies Collectors’ Club, the members of which used to receive new bears throughout the year. The company stopped their production of teddy at the end of the year 2011.

Now that you know the different types teddy bears, it’s time for some tips to select the right teddy bear so that you can make the most of your money –

  • If you are buying a teddy bear for your child, the best thing that you can do is to buy a personalised teddy bear. This is because it will be customised to your requirements by add embroidered individual personal details so they are special to you and your loved ones.
  • Check if the eyes and the nose of the teddy bears are properly sewn into the cloth so that you can avoid choking problem for your small child. Many teddy bears have eyes and nose just glued onto the cloth. This increases the chances of it being detached if the children play with it.
  • For stuffed animals such as dinosaur, dragon, monkey, rabbit, turtle and teddy bear, make sure that each and every part is stuffed evenly. In order to check if the animals and teddy bears are stuffed proportionally, squeeze them and see if they retain their actual shape.
  • Check the seams. If a seam is visible, don’t buy it, as they don’t look good. Look for bears that have invisible seams.
  • Safety comes first. Before gifting a teddy bear to your child, check its quality. The seams, nose or the eyes should not come out by little-exploring hands. Always choose the material that you find perfect for your child.
  • You should also check the pile of the bear’s fur. If you are buying the teddy for a toddler or a small child, short pile fur is always a better choice. If the child bites the bear, there will be fewer chances of the pile fur to come out.
  • Cubbies / Mumbles animal/teddy bears all up to safety regulation for the EU and UK for 0 years upwards.

So what are the benefits of stuffed animals or teddy bears?

Toys are important for the development of childhood. However, stuffed animals as well as teddy bears are more advantageous compared to other types of toys. Children think stuffed animals as something real and they feel identified. This helps them in expressing more complex emotions.

  1. Helps in learning new skills

While playing with personalised teddy bears, children get to practice the skills that they have learned. You can ask your children to show how to get dressed or how to brush teeth and they can use their teddy bears to show it. Role-playing is loved by every kid, as it enables them to act like the grownups. This is an important part of their process of learning, as they get to know the world that they are in.

  1. Helps in learning how to separate

Kids fear getting separated from their parents. Stuffed animals help in reducing their vulnerability. According to doctors, you should let your child play with teddy bears multiple times a day. Playing with teddy bears will give their self-esteem a boost. Also, the touch and feel of these soft toys regulate blood pressure, decrease stress and help in generating endorphins. Moreover, if your child plays with teddy bears, it creates a sense of comfort, security and peace in them.

  1. Helps in learning to express themselves

Temper tantrums are a common thing among kids, as they don’t understand how to express feelings and end up crying and throwing tantrums. Children can express their feelings through role-playing and they get to learn how to manage their emotions. The credit goes to their teddy bears or other stuffed animals. If your child cries every day while going to preschool, take their teddy bear and ask “why are you crying teddy bear?” Then you can encourage your children to answer. This way, they will get to express their feelings.

Teddy bears and other stuffed animals are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. In fact, you can even buy personalized teddy bears. So what are you waiting for? Buy the teddy bear that you think is the best.