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Here at Custom-Funky, we offer a selection of custom gifts ideal for the birth of a baby, birthday or baptism. Among a wide range of products, you will find UK baby blanket or throws, clothing, comforters, customised teddy bears /animal, etc. uniquely made with the name of your child, etc. And for a unique bedroom decoration:  cushions and throws of all kinds.

The perfect individual baby gift

Most of our gifts for babies and children are handmade or embellished with their name: from blankets to baby grows, through the baby comforters. We offer complete themes to complete a pretty baby room.


Give baby an individualised made cover with his name, birth block, design, saying etc. Practical, it will be useful to you on many occasions. Whatever the season, it is necessary to choose a comfortable and suitable baby blanket, that's why at Custom-funky, we offer a wide selection of sheets of different sizes to suit your needs as well as to those of your babies.

Covering your little bundle of joy with a blanket is very important because it will provide the newborn with all the warmth he/she needs to ensure good naps or a good night’s sleep. You can use it if you wish to serve as a decorative element for the crib during there absence.

In bed, cradle, car seat or stroller, your baby will sleep well warm thanks to its custom blanket/cover. Whether warmer or lighter, plain or patterned you will find in this selection something to delight your little one.

These Distinctive Custom-made Teddy Bear are ideal to say thank you

What's more reassuring for baby's, than to sleep with a beautiful teddy bear embroidered or printed with his name, monogrammed or design? We offer several types of teddy bears; that will make your child/toddler happy, as well as also become the best playmate. Thanks to their colours and textures that children will be able to explore their senses and promote their awakenings.


Whatever the baby/kids or little one clothes or comforters you are looking for, Custom-Funky will offer you products tailored to your tastes and your budget. Discover our vast collection of baby clothes: pyjamas, bodysuits, trousers and overalls, sweaters and t-shirt etc.