A kitchen, a t-shirt, a holiday trip don't you want everything in your life to be personalised from the word go? Yes, the world has come to that state now. According to a study, one in every three customers wants products that are personalised. The days are not far when you will be able to use every product customised as you want it. Mass personalisation is not a fake term anymore.


According to a research, the three most personalised product categories where you, the customers have made the most customised purchases have been holiday tours (25%); children clothing (19%) and furniture (18%). Custom -funky embroidery and printing lets you personalise your children’s gym bags and make your child’s lifestyle smooth and funky by making fascinatingly creative customised bags for your children.

Need for a personalised gym bag for your child


No child wants to go to the school dragging an ordinary, plain, boring kit bag. No one really likes those old unconvincing bags. So when it comes to something that your kid will carry daily like a gym bag why compromise with it? Make sure you do something that makes them feel happy and proud about it. Just think of what can an awesome bag with your child’s name can do to his confidence? Or how elated your child becomes carrying his favourite super-hero-printed-bag with his name on it?

While your children are heading towards their swimming classes, cricket camps, football training centres or contemporary dance classes make sure they walk in with grace and dignity and excel at what they do. With absolutely cool and attractive designs get your children to explore their hobbies in a customised way and teach your kids the significance of letting the world know about their individuality by carrying the funkiest gym bags ever.


Bags at Custom- funky

The bags made here let you express your creativity and your art sense. The more creative you customise your order to be, the better gets your child's artistic tastes. Here you get personalised childrens gym bags with their names written on it as well their favourite design printed on the bag. The bags here are strong, flexible, unique and ideal for your children. The bags can be used by the kids not only in their schools but also for extracurricular activities. They can be used in kids activities like camping, sports such as football, cricket etc. The designs and colours offered here are varied and you may select your child‘s gears from the wide range of products available here. These bags are useful, pragmatic and practical and are not too expensive either. They give your children the perfect boost to go out and meet various challenges in the outside world with their cool bags carrying their gears, food and drinks that too without burning a hole in your pocket.


personalised unicorn gym bag embroidered

Easy and user-friendly

Unique kids PE sacks here can be embroidered with any name you desire and can also be customised with prints of mermaids, sports images, cartoon characters etc. The process of choosing from such a wide range is extremely user-friendly. Here you will have to go through four simple steps in customising your child’s gym gear. In the first step, you need to select design and prints for the bag. In the second one, you are asked to choose the colour of the desired bag in the next step which is the third one you may personalise your child’s bag as you want it and lastly you need to add it to cart. With these simple steps, you can customise the best gym bags for your child and help him/ her gain confidence in his/ her daily life.


In a nutshell

It is important in today’s world to infuse confidence, strength, courage and power in your children from a very young age. The little things that you do today help your children grow better tomorrow. It, therefore, becomes your responsibility to give your child the best childhood ever and let them realise that they have the most caring parents in the entire world who are willing to do everything to make them feel special. The psychological impetus that the personalised gym bag will give your child is something you will be able to figure out in a jiffy so give them that extra care that they deserve and help them walk in and out of their schools, sports centres or dancing classes as the most confident and happy children.