How to Make Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are good for you if you have long hair. They are easy to make since they do not require past experience. The braids will look more elaborate and nicer as they get messier. This, therefore, makes them ideal if you have a long day. There are three types of fishtail braids namely; regular fishtail braid, French fishtail braid and side fishtail braid.

Fishtail braids are very popular in this day and age. This is because they look intricate and they are in many ways fiddly. They can be prepared with any hair, even if it is short or long. You do not have to worry if your hair is curly, fishtail braids will look nice whether prepared with curly hair or straight hair.

They are perfect for different occasions. You can rock in them to prom or to the wedding. You can also wear them to that serious business meeting. Additionally, fishtail braids are easy to do away with. After a long day out, you wouldn’t have to go through a lot of trouble in order to do away with them.

The only loophole with preparing fishtail braids is that your hands may become tired. This is because the process which is involved here is long and tiresome. You can also have a negative attitude towards it because you have to separate your hair into smaller strands in order to prepare them. But apart from this, the braids are simple to prepare. Here is a step by step guide which will assist you to make fishtail braids that will look nice.

1.      How to       make a fishtail braid

These are the simplest to make. Follow the following steps in order to make a good regular fishtail braid.

a.      Separate your hair

First, you will have to separate your hair into two different strands follow this up by holding one strand in your left hand and the other strand on the left. Ensure that these hair sections are even

b.       Take a thin strand from the left

Once you have separated your hair into two sections, take into your hands a thin strand of fewer than two centimetres into your hands.

c.       Pull it across

Once you have taken this strand into your fingers, pull it up and across the rest of the left section towards the right strand

d.      Tuck it

With the strand now over the left strand, tuck it under the right strand. Upon doing that, the strand will become a part of the right strand.


e.      Tighten the sections

Move your hands apart so that the hair can be tighter. You will have to tug them so that they can look tighter. This will essentially make the hair look tighter. The tighter it is, the better; you can always make it messier afterwards.

f.        Take a thin strand from the right

Pick a thin strand of not more than 2 centimetres in thickness. Make sure that you gather the hair from the outermost part of section

g.      Pull and tuck

Once you have the strand into your arms, pull it away from the right section towards the left. Tuck it under the left section so that it can be a part of the left section.

h.      Keep alternating sides

You will repeat the processes started from (a) above up to (g). Follow them until you come to the last strand of your hair. Leave one strand which you will use to tie up the braids upon completion.

To make the hair look even, use thinner braids as you progress.

Once you have finished these steps, wrap the end of your hair with a hair strap.

This is a very simple process which can be done easily.

2.      French Fishtail Braid

A French fishtail braid is more intricate than a regular braid. It will require you to be more careful.

a.      Take a strand of hair from the centre of the head. Try to keep it centred and as high as it can get.

b.      Separate the strands of hair into two different sections, a right section and a lest section using making sure that they are of the same size.

c.       Take a thin strand from the left section and pull it across towards the right section.

d.      Make this strand a part of the right section by tucking it under the right section.

e.      Pull a thin strand (of the same size as the one you had pulled from the left side) from the right side and tuck it under the left side.

f.        Once you have finished up with this section, take another mass of hair and repeat the same procedure.

g.      With this, you can keep alternating sides until you come to the end of the strand.


3.      Side Fishtail braiding

If you are new to braiding, then this is the braiding style that you should try. It is very simple to make.

a.      Pull a ponytail

Take a mass of hair and create a ponytail to the side of your head. This makes this type of braiding easy because you can see whatever you are doing on the mirror.

b.      Hold the ponytail together

Use a rubber band to ensure that the mass of hair is held together. After this, separate them into two sections. Follow the steps of creating a regular fishtail braid to finish it up.

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