Looking for a beautifully embroidered baby blanket? Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you select the perfect personalised baby blankets



Whether you want to pick a beautiful baby shower present or gift your little one a warm blanket with a unique touch on it, a personalised embroidered fleece-blanket would be an ideal choice. What makes a baby blanket a great one? Is it the soothing colour, the silky smooth fabric, or the reassuring warmth? The answer is: all of the features together make a great baby blanket. There are various styles, designs, and materials that you must carefully choose. However, when you add a personalised touch such as an embroidered message or the baby’s name, it makes an unparalleled difference. Along with the comfort and security of the blanket, it will keep the baby bundled with love. 



A checklist to selecting the best unique embroidered blanket


●    The material should be soft, breathable and warm.

Babies have incredibly delicate skin. They require soft, silky smooth, and weightless material for a blanket. Therefore, choose fabric which is whispering cuddly and retains warmth. It should be breathable to allow proper air circulation. Velvet, polyester velour, and chenille are some conventional materials used to make blankets and quilts for infants. You could also add silk or satin cover to the shawl with customised embroidery work done on it. 


●    The blanket should be well made and durable.

After you have put all that work into creating a tailored embroidered blanket, it would be a waste if the shawl/blanket does not retain its quality. The sentimental value that the blankets hold for you will be lost if the blanket degrades. Moreover, baby you are giving the blanket to must grow up to see the valuable belonging from early childhood. Therefore, choose a base which is durable, can stand regular wear and tear, and run for a long time. 


Also, pay attention to the shape of the blanket while buying it. It should be cosy, and you must be able to wrap the baby comfortably inside it.
●    The blanket should be washable


Babies wet beds, throw up now and then and drool. Therefore, the baby blanket will require frequent cleaning. The material should not stretch out or get damaged during a hand wash or a machine wash. Ensure that the blanket is durable and will not get frayed due to regular washing. 


●    Decide a font and select a special message or monogram


Based on the colour of the blanket, you must choose the thread colour and the font. Go for contrasting colours that reflect the message bright and clear. Are you planning on embroidering the baby’s name, birthdate, goodnight message or an animal on the blanket? In case of a classic monogram, choose an elegant font or block letters. Check out a font catalogue and make your choice from the vast array of options. 


Personalised embroidery pattern styling tips for baby blankets


1.    Custom birth announcement pattern

If you are expecting your little one to arrive soon, a customised embroidered baby blanket with the expect baby’s name and a welcome message will be a unique gift. You can throw in other details to the embroidery work like birth date or the location of birth. It could also serve as a precious keepsake for the parents to celebrate the commemoration of the new addition to the family. 


2.    Baby name embroidery


3.    Animal embroidery art


Introduce the baby to nature and the world of animals. Babies should grow up learning about all the wonders of the earth. They will develop a friendly attitude towards pets and animals if they are surrounded with animal images and art. You can design a theme for every creature and get them embroidered on separate blankets. This would result in a variety of colours, shapes, and designs. 


4.    Goodnight embroidery art


Embroidery work on a baby blanket need not be accurately intricate always. A simple goodnight message in a cute font can add a bucketload of sweetness. Some examples are: “Sweet Dreams my little one”, “Sleep well child of mine”, “Goodnight little pumpkin”, etc. 


5.     Nursery rhymes embroidered art

What is an infant’s life without nursery rhymes and songs? A great way to get the baby familiar with nursery rhymes is by embroidering it on the blanket. Combining embroidery with a touch of whimsy to create nursery rhymes art on baby blankets will be an exciting project. You can put up the blanket for display in the kid’s room for years to come. Charming designs and colourful patterns can make it more adorable. 

Blankets provide a sense of security to the child apart from warmth. It is more of a personal pursuit rather than an excellent gift option to embroider a private message on it for a baby. If your friend or family member is expecting a child, you can consider a customised embroidered blanket for a gift. A plush, warm and embroidered baby blanket wrapped in a cute gift box make delightful presents for baby showers, first birthdays and baptism. The personalised embroidery will be a reminder of the extra mile you went. Some children keep their baby blankets all their lives. 

Consider all your options and explore the materials, designs, and shape. Once you have figured out what you want, you can tailor the blanket according to your criteria. For design templates, monogram ideas or styling patterns, you can use online sources. It will be a treasured item from early childhood so make sure it is made with individual attention and love. Whether it is for your child or your loved ones, a tailor-made embroidered baby blanket is undeniably one of the best presents.